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May 17, 2012

Creating a Windows Image Backup Fails on external 3TB Hard Drive

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I bought a brand new Seagate Expansion 3TB hard drive today! I was trying to back up my Windows 7 Hard Drive by creating a system image. But I got the following error:

“The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. (0x8007045D)”

Could it be my drive is faulty? I ran check disk and it was ok. After a little research, this the problem:

New HDs have 4k bytes per section as opposed to the traditional 512 per sector.

Microsoft won’t be supporting this new hard drive formats for Windows 7 or Windows 2008.

“SBS 2011 is based on Windows 2008 R2 Server. Backup uses VHD (Virtual hard disk) format to store the data. The 4k Sector support is not available for VHD in Windows 2008 & R2 (VHD cannot be created on 4k sector size disks). Hence backup cannot provide support for 4k disks. In Windows 8, a new VHDX format is created that supports > 2 TB data storage and 4k sector disks. Therefore only in Win8 the backup is supporting 4k sector disks. When the Win8 based SBS systems will be launched then you can expect support for 4k.”

Western Digital has a utility that changes the Bytes per sector size on the 4k/4k drives so that it works for Windows Backup (will disable XP access). There is currently not a utility available for Seagate drives :/

I guess we will have to wait until Windows 8.

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