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September 4, 2013

In ASP.NET MVC, What is ModelState.Clear()?

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From http://patrickdesjardins.com/blog/modelstate-clear-is-required-to-display-back-your-model-object#comment-3814

“If you are getting your Model from a form and you want to manipulate the data that came from the client form and write it back to a view, you need to call ModelState.Clear() to clean the ModelState values.

The reason is that normally, you want to postback to the client the form with all the errors. So, when you put back the parameter that contain your model to the view to be returned, this one use the value of the ModelState.”

ModelState.Clear() is used to clear errors but it is also used to force the MVC engine to rebuild the model to be passed to your View.

So call ModelState.Clear() right before you pass the model to your View.

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