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January 22, 2014

MVC 4 – Using HTML5 “data-” attributes with Jquery

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You can create data- HTML attributes with your controls using this technique.

Define a new HTML Attributes anonymous object with your Html helpers. Below, I create a text box with some additional properties I want to be able to access with jQuery. Using properties that start with “data_”, you will be able to access the property with jquery’s data() method. Note: using property names that start with “data-” will result in a compilation error.

    ViewBag.Title = "Index";

<h1>Tesing data-properties in MVC</h1>

<div>@Html.Label("Product: ")@Html.Label("Book")</div>

@Html.TextBox("myTextbox", "", 
        @class = "myCssClass",
        data_my_new_property = "hello world",
        //data-dashTest = "hello dashTest", This will not work. Compilation Error 
        data_product_id = "productId1",
        data_minimum ="0",
        data_price = "5.00",
        data_val = "true",
        data_val_number = "The field Quantity must be a number.",
        data_val_range = "The field Quantity must be between 0 and 10000.",
        data_val_range_max = "10000",
        data_val_range_min = "0",
        data_val_required = "The Quantity field is required.",
        @style = "width: 100px;"

<input type="button" value="clickMe" />

    $(function () {
        var $qtyInput = $('.myCssClass');
        var myProperty = $qtyInput.data().price; // value is 5.00
        //You can also do this
        var txBox = document.getElementByID('myTextbox');


This is the HTML that gets rendered

<input name="myTextbox" 
style="width: 100px;" 
type="text" value="" 
data-val-required="The Quantity field is required." 
data-val-range="The field Quantity must be between 0 and 10000." 
data-val-number="The field Quantity must be a number." 
data-my-new-property = "hello world",

Here is what jquery’s data() method converts property names to. Interestingly, the underscores are removed and camel casing is applied to the name.


Here is another good article on the subject.


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  2. Many thanks, I was trying trying to create the attributes object using the ‘data-‘ prefix. Now I know I can use the underscore.

    Comment by unidev — October 5, 2015 @ 12:26 pm | Reply

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