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January 29, 2014

Binding Click Events to dynamically added controls with jQuery

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When you dynamically add controls, make sure the container that the controls are added to, has an ID attribute.


<div id="dynamicCollectionDiv">
           //dynamic controls are added inside this div

Then you can use jquery to add a ‘click’ delegate on any newly added controls. You used to be able to use the “.live” method but this is now deprecated. Use the “.on” method instead. You must reference the parent container to do the actual binding.

$("#dynamicCollectionDiv").parent().on("click", '.dynamicControlCssClass', function () {
        // do something

Notice the second parameter that specifies a css class called “dynamicControlCssClass.” When you add your dynamic controls, add a css class so you can specify which elements should get the click event delegate. All of your dynamically added controls that have the css class “dynamicControlCssClass,” will now have the same click event.

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