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November 13, 2014

Form Validation with Javascript events. Handle Input, Paste, and Keyup across all browsers

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While testing mobilePay in Chrome on an Android device, it was discovered that the
keyupevent was not firing for validation. Our response was to include input, an HTML5 event, to ensure that changes were firing the validation handlers.

$('form :input').on('keyup input', this.toggleSubmitBtn);

Currently, we are validating the form on every user’s input change, which would enable/ disable the submit button. The disadvantage of this is that we have to capture every single event that the user could possibly interact with the element.

The paste event is one of the events that we recently have implemented to handle. The inputevent we realize fires when the user pastes in an HTML5 browser, which means only non-HTML5 browsers actually need the pasteevent. Below is a table of support for paste validation:

$('form :input').on('keyup input paste', this.toggleSubmitBtn);

The paste event fires across all test devices, but javascript validation logic is carried out beforethe data on the clipboard gets placed into the element. Because all the browsers except for IE8 supported HTML5, however, the inputevent fired afterthe clipboard data was placed in the element. Without the inputevent, none of the browsers supported paste validation.


InputPropertyChange: function () {
    if (!window.addEventListener) { //IE 5-8 
        var $inputs = $("input[type!='hidden']");
        $.each($inputs, function (index, input) {
            $(index).on('paste'), function () {
                setTimeout( function() {
                }, 250);

This was written up by my colleague Will Hanson and I.

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