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October 31, 2014

Remote Debugging Android Devices – No Devices Detected

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If you are trying to remote debug an Android phone, but Chrome Dev tools won’t detect the device, try this:

Download the Android SDK. Unzip it. The adb folder should be called something like “adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140702”.

Here’s how I fixed it (Windows 7).
1. Open command prompt and change directory to the adb folder. In my machine, its:
cd C:\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140321\sdk\platform-tools
2. Run adb manually:
3. Detect the devices:
adb.exe devices
4. Check the inspect devices screen in chrome now and you should have the connected devices listed.
Hope this helps.


August 29, 2013

Using Fiddler with Internet Explorer error: The Proxy Server Isn’t Responding

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When I got this error when trying to capture HTTP traffic in IE AND using a Proxy server, I kept on getting this error:

The Proxy Server Isn’t Responding

But this was resolved by uninstalling Fiddler and reinstalling it.

August 23, 2012

How to offically unlock your AT&T iPhone 4. Was it sucessful even without a confirmation from iTunes?

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Things you will need:

    You must have an AT&T account in good standing (or know someone who does)
    iPhone must not be tied with an existing contract or have an outstanding bill


1. Call or get on a Chat support with an AT&T representative. They will ask for your account information to verify that you have an account with them. If you don’t have one, ask a friend to call for you or to get on the support chat for you.
2. Tell the rep you are traveling and need to do an iPhone unlock.
3. Give the rep your phone’s IMEI number. On the iPhone, Settings >> About. You will see the IMEI number.
4. You will get an email from AT&T with the instructions. Actually getting the instructions is important because that means they have put your IMEI number in their system to authorize the unlock when you do it through iTunes.

Here are the instructions from AT&T:

Thank you for contacting AT&T Customer Care about unlocking your iPhone.
We have reviewed your request and confirmed that you are eligible to have the requested iPhone unlocked.

To complete the unlock, simply:
1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC and verify that you have internet connectivity.
2. Connect your iPhone using the dock connector to USB cable that came with your iPhone.
3. Backup and restore your iPhone using iTunes .
For information on backup and restore, please visit http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1414.
4. After restoring, your iPhone will be unlocked.

Additional information on unlocking can be found at http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3198.

For questions regarding AT&T’s wireless service and iPhone, please visit the Phone/Device Learning Center.

We thank you for your continued business and look forward to providing you with the best customer service.

AT&T Customer Care Team

**Make sure you when you RESTORE, YOU MUST RESTORE TO FACTORY SETTINGS! THEN you can restore from the backup you created. You won’t lose any information. My first attempt, I just did a Restore From Backup immediately after the Backup. And it did not work. I verified it didn’t work with AT&T. See the chat log below.

You are supposed to get a confirmation from iTunes indicating that your iPhone is unlocked. But many users, including myself, did not get one. To verify, you have to call AT&T or chat with them online. They are able to check if your phone was indeed unlocked or not. Obviously, you can use a SIM card from another carrier to test with, but I did not have one.

Here is the chat I had with the AT&T rep.

Please wait for a chat representative to respond.
You are now chatting with ‘Amy Budge’
Amy Budge: Thank you for contacting AT&T Live Support Chat!
Amy Budge: I understand you are needing a status update on your request?
Me: No. The request was completed and I was sent instructions on how to Unlock. I need to confirm that it was successful. iTunes did not give me a confirmation that it was unlocked.
Amy Budge: I apologize for any frustration and inconvenience.
Amy Budge: I will be more then happy to help you.
Amy Budge: I appreciate your business and patience. One moment while I access your account.
Amy Budge: The device was unlocked on AT&T’s side. You need to complete a backup and restore in iTunes to complete the unlock.
Me: Yes I did that but there was no success message from iTunes. Are you able to check if it was truly unlocked?
Amy Budge: It is not unlocked.
Me: Back up, and restore from back up? Or restore back to factory settings?
Amy Budge: You need to do the backup and restore again in iTunes.
Amy Budge: You need to back up your information so you do not loose anything. Than hit restore in iTunes.
Amy Budge: You need to have an AT&T sim card in the device. You need to have the latest version of iTunes. You also need to be connected to the Internet while complete the steps.
Me: Yes I have an AT&T sim in right now. Let me download the latest itunes and try again.
Amy Budge: If you need assistance with the backup and restore I can provide the number for Apple.
Me: I have a link to the support documentation from the email I got from At&T.
Amy Budge: Ok.
Me: Can you hang on while the restore completes?
Amy Budge: I sure can.
Me: Is it true that after several unsuccessful attempts, the iPhone will be tied with AT&T for good?
Amy Budge: That is not true with the iPhone.
Me: Thanks for that. That is what the last rep told me.
Amy Budge: Let me re-confirm. I am unaware of this.
Me: ok.
Me: iPhone is retoring iphone software now…
Amy Budge: Ok.
Me: …restoring iphone firmware….
Amy Budge: Ok.
Me: now is asking me to set up my iphone
Me: I will proceed to restore from backup
Amy Budge: Yes.
Me: The restore is complete. And I am back at the home screen on iTunes. Can you check if the unlock was successful?
Me: I did not get any message that says it was successful.
Amy Budge: I have refreshed and it is now successfully unlocked Mr. xxxx.
Me: Thank you for the confirmation. Are you able to send me a confirmation via email?
Amy Budge: I am sorry but I do not have a confirmation email I can send. I can assure it is now successfully unlocked.
Me: Do you know why iTunes did not give me a confirmation?
Me: I will be traveling overseas soon so it is important that it works with another carrier while I am overseas.
Amy Budge: I cannot say why iTunes is not providing confirmation as it is Apple’s software.
Me: Ok thanks.
Amy Budge: I understand and your phone is ready to use with another carrier.
Me: Thanks for checking and your help today.
Amy Budge: You’re Welcome Mr. xxxx! Is there anything else I can do for you today other than assisting with unlocking your iPhone?
Me: That is all.
Amy Budge: Have I resolved your reason for contacting chat today?
Me: Yes.
Amy Budge: Thank you for contacting AT&T Live Support Chat. Have a Wonderful Day!

June 5, 2012

Error when you remove an assembly from the Global Assembly Cache (GAC)

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When you try to remove an assembly from the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) or C:\Windows\assembly, you get this error:

Unable to uninstall: assembly is required by one or more applications

You need to delete the registry entries first at:


February 8, 2012

Remote Desktop Connection To Your Computer From Outside Your Home

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You need to open up port 3389 on your Router and have it forwarded to your specified machine (by IP).

1. Open your Router’s admin page
2. Add port 3389 and specify the machine’s IP you want to allow remote desktop.

See below

Then you will want to register a FREE public domain with https://www.dnsdynamic.org. The reason for this is that your ISP will sporadically change your IP address. Unless you want to keep up with what is your current IP address that your IP gave you, you can just use your public domain and be able to remote to your computer every time.

So just open up the RDP connection and use your new domain.

To enable pings responses on a Linksys E1000, uncheck Filter Anonymous Internet Requests in the Security Tab

Also, make sure your Windows firewall has the ports 3389 open.

You can confirm that port 3389 is open to the public. Go to http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ and test port 3389.

**To test the remote desktop connection from a computer outside your home network, you should ask a friend to assist. Many corporations and schools block these ports so that you can’t access your home PC while at their facilities.

October 4, 2011

Can’t debug into a Javascript file. Error “No Disassembly Available” or “This breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document”

Ever put a break point in visual Studio 2010 on a .js file to get this?

This breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.”

Then you decide to user the ‘debugger;’ statement. But then Visual Studio gives this error: “no disassembly available“.

You are probably loading your .js file dynamically. If you are, remove (or comment out) where you are loading and load it with an explicit script tag.

example: I was loading the script file like this:

<script src="<%=Url.StaticContent("/MyApplication/Scripts/views/script.js")%>" type="text/javascript" ></script>

I just commented out that line and hard coded the script file like this:

<script src="http://localhost/MyApplication/Scripts/views/script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Now I am able to user the debugger; statement AND able to put a break point in Visual Studio.

How to restart Windows during a Remote Desktop Connection

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If you are RDP into a machine, you won’t have the option to reboot with the start button. You can only log off or disconnect.

Type ALT + F4 and you will have the option to restart.

September 29, 2011

“No symbols have been loaded for this document” when trying to debug on a ASP.NET MVC .aspx View page

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I was always able to set a break point on any server side code within an MVC .aspx View page.

Server side code like this:

<a href="url">Link text1</a> 

//(Sever side code is code that is between <% and %>
	string x = "";
	if (ViewData["status"] != null)
		x = ViewData["status"].ToString();

<a href="url">Link text2</a> 

Then while coding, all of a sudden I lost that ability. When you hover over the breakpoint, it would say “The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.” The strangest part is that I was able to set a break point on the controller of the view!

There is some server side code that is throwing an error. Remove all code and put in a simple statement such as int x = 0;

Then set a break point on that. When I did that, I was able to hit the break point, then use the immediate window to make sure the code I was trying to use wasn’t throwing any errors.

Missing Modules Window in Visual Studio 2010

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If the Modules Window in Visual Studio 2010 is not under Debug, Windows, Modules, you can get it back by pressing Ctrl-Alt-U.

September 14, 2011

Navigating in Visual Studio

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Have you ever jump around from code to code only to find yourself not knowing what class file you were at or what method you were navigating from? I get lost all the time when I am digging around in code.

I used to use bookmarks to place where I want to remember. They are great but what if you forgot to create one? Is there a “Back” button like you have on your windows browser?

In Visual Studio there is! Check out the Navigate Backwards and Navigate Forwards button!

You can simply click backwards to see where your last mouse cursor was. I usually hit F12 on a method or class to see its definition. And sometimes I find myself down a rabbit hold. Just click on the Navigate backwards to get back where you were!

If they are missing, customize the Standard toolbar. The Navigate Forward and Navigate Backwards is on the “View” Category.

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