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November 21, 2013

Visual Studio Performance Testing ā€“ Viewing HTTP Responses with Binary Data

When examining a response from a HTTP request, what do you do if it contains binary information?


You can examine the Response tab, but it will also contain binary data information.


What if we just want to just to view the contents on the far right column in a readable format?


One technique would be to copy the entire response into a text editor such as Notepad++. Then you can use the column selection (shift + alt) to remove the binary information.


Then you can do a Find and Replace and remove all the line breaks. In Notepad ++, replace ā€œ\r\nā€ with nothing. Be sure you select the Extended Search Mode.


Now you have the information in a readable format.

{. “object_or_array”: “object”,. “empty”: false,. “parse_time_nanoseconds”: 163674,. “validate”: true,. “size”: 6.}.


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