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April 25, 2013

Hide Horizontal Scrollbar on jqgrid

From http://mageefamilyblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/jqgrid-horizontal-scroll-bars-when.html

If you add the scroll property of the jgrid to true, for dynamic (endldess) scrolling, it will add a unnecessary horizontal scroll bar. Use this to remove.

overflow-x : hidden !important;

Here is the sample jqrid code:

 $(document).ready(function () {
                //url from wich data should be requested
                url: '@Url.Action("Products")',
                //type of data
                datatype: 'json',
                //url access method type
                mtype: 'POST',
                //columns names
                colNames: ['ProductID', 'ProductName', 'Supplier', 'Category', 'QuantityPerUnit', 'UnitPrice', 'UnitsInStock'],
                //columns model
                colModel: [
                            { name: 'ProductID', index: 'ProductID', align: 'left' },
                            { name: 'ProductName', index: 'ProductName', align: 'left' },
                            { name: 'Supplier', index: 'SupplierID', align: 'left', formatter: supplierFormatter },
                            { name: 'Category', index: 'CategoryID', align: 'left' },
                            { name: 'QuantityPerUnit', index: 'QuantityPerUnit', align: 'left' },
                            { name: 'UnitPrice', index: 'UnitPrice', align: 'left', formatter: 'currency', formatoptions: { decimalSeparator: '.', thousandsSeparator: ',', decimalPlaces: 2, prefix: '$'} },
                            { name: 'UnitsInStock', index: 'UnitsInStock', align: 'left', formatter: unitsInStockFormatter }
                //pager for grid
                pager: $('#jqgpProducts'),
                //enable dynamic scrolling
                scroll: true,
                //enable npage request parameter
                prmNames: { npage: 'npage' },
                //initial sorting column
                sortname: 'ProductID',
                //initial sorting direction
                sortorder: 'asc',
                //we need to limit grid height so the scroll can appear
                height: '300px'

November 15, 2011

Mouse Scroll Wheel Issues With Visual Studio

Filed under: Daily Computing — Duy Nguyen @ 9:57 am
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Check out this blog! It helped me fixed my scroll issues with Visual Studio.


September 5, 2011

Mouse scroll button acts like it is stuck

Filed under: Daily Computing — Duy Nguyen @ 12:23 pm
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I don’t know what this is or what causes it but sometimes my mouse pointer would turn into a square, scroll bar. It will keep flashing and I have no idea what it is or what caused it. If I navigate to a page and attempt to use the scroll wheel on the mouse to scroll down, the page will scroll down, but then scroll right back up to the beginning. It is like the the scroll wheel is stuck, but physically, it is not.

I just played around with the scroll button (middle key above the touchpad) on my laptop’s keyboard and it fixed it.

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