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September 5, 2011

Mouse or cursor dissapears in VMWare

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So I don’t know if anyone else every gets this scenario but if you open VMWare and Visual Studio, or any text editor for that matter, mouse over the main text editor window and your mouse disappears.

I found this very annoying.

Control Panel -> Mouse -> Pointers -> set the windows mouse scheme to black IN THE VMWARE SYSTEM not in the host PC.

Disable the ‘Beep” for alert boxes in your VM

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If you want to turn off the beep that sounds when you turn on a virtual machine, you can run the following two commands. The first stops the BEEP service and the second disables it on subsequent reboots.

At a command prompt:

net stop beep
sc config beep start= disabled

(Be sure to include a space after the = sign.)

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